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Filip Van Pottelbergh

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Passionate about client value? And you like to motivate people towards achieving mid-term success?

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Herman Demarbaix


You have a great business idea, but you do not want to run that company on your own?

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Jan Lagast


University, sector federation, or government body looking for partnerships?”

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Piet Verhoeve


Is there any life after negative interest?

December, 2016 - Antwerp - Dutch spoken

The answer is "yes, but ...". Yes, there is life after negative interest. Much life. Maybe even more life than today. But if you are looking for any return on capital, it will be a different life -- for sure. With different types of financing, different risks, and a more active participation in the economy.

Participate in this info session in Antwerp, and have Luc Colebunders (ActiveCapital), Bie Boudolf (Vlaio) and Jan Lagast (Participium) bring your new future to life. So that you, again, can start dreaming about some financial return.

More info and registration

Info session. Dutch spoken. Entrance fee €50 (VAT incl).



CFO Magazine foto Jerry De Brie

CFO Magazine > The financial logic of engineers (27/10/2016 11:12am)

Last week CFO Magazine published an interview on Participium by economic journalist Roel Jacobus. Ivan Trangez (ex-ING, controller) and Jan Lagast (managing partner) explain how they model the financial evolutions of their companies. They conceive business dynamics in the same way as how engineers design machines. That makes it a lot easier to challenge assumptions without remodelling.

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Let’s build great companies

Participium builds great companies with interesting long-term potential, together with “patient-money” investors, “business-leader” managers, and several creative partners and mid-field organizations. We start from the creation of a great idea, and commit ourselves for the long term. We are the business venture equivalent of DBMF building project developers: we Design a company, Build it together with the right people, Maintain it for the longer term and take care of the Financing.



We try to find the optimal mix of long-term or mid-term investors with motivated business leaders who create client value together with a team of fine people.


Reporting and informing are key. We hired an experienced controller and keep our financiers updated on a regular basis.


No fast exits or explosive growth for us. We aim at mid-term or long-term equity value increments and want to stay committed on the long term.



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