let’s build great companies and
make more people love their work

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Let’s prove working can be more fun

We are being more selective at Participium now. We prefer to refuse someone, than to onboard people who are not aligned with our purpose. We believe it is ... (read more)

Herman Demarbaix
Managing Partner

Work can and must become more fun

Most people spend more time at work than at home. So why not turn our working time into a great and happy time. That is what attracted me ... (read more)

Bart De Smet
Early believer and financer

New technology to generate more (cooler) work

I do not believe in the Industry 4.0 doom scenarios. Rapid technology innovations will not kill work, but will create new and rewarding work experiences. That is ... (read more)

Paul Indekeu
Investor and advisor

co-lead (m/v)

Passionate about client value? And you like to motivate people towards achieving mid-term success?

Let’s talk

Herman Demarbaix


You have a great network? You want to help us get in touch with people that are beyond our network?

Let's talk

Jan Lagast


University, sector federation, or government body looking for partnerships?”

Let’s talk

Piet Verhoeve


The Future of Work 

Infosession "Self-directing teams in day-to-day reality"

What results to expect from fluid organisation models, 
self-directing teams, and other Industry 4.0 team structures.

Cases by Carglass (regional) and BNP Paribas (international).

22 November 2017, Antwerp. Dutch spoken.

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An initiative of The Argonauts and Participium.
Part of the two-day learning trajectory
"The Future of Work" in October 2018.


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De corporate tribe

The ideal group size is 150 (24/11/2017 9:00am)

When building great companies where people love their jobs, it seems we cannot cross the magic number 150. I read an article some time ago about Goretex, where all US  offices have a maximum of 150 parking spaces. Every department with more than 150 employees has to split.

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about us

Let’s build great companies ...

Participium is an investment company that builds its own ventures, together with patient-money co-investors. Our companies have a long-term vision, a passion for services, and a clear intention to disrupt the way of working in a specific sector.

... and make more people love their work

The beginning of a working week should be as interesting as the beginning of the weekend. That's our credo. That's why we build companies that help other companies make their collaborators love their work. And, of course, we try to give the right example ourselves. 



A very compact group of experienced senior managers and entrepreneurs who want to ensure much more people love their work.


  • Forte: industrial sales & marketing 4.0 advisory 
  • FunkyTime: software and services for knowledge workers 
  • IDlegcy: software and services protecting the digital identity


" I  ❤ my work "


  • Trust 
  • Passion
  • Results



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